FinalBuilder Server
FinalBuilder Server Overview
Installing FinalBuilder Server
Post Installation Configuration
Configuration and Maintenance
Getting Started
Logging In
Creating New Users
Configuring the Build Server
Uploading a FinalBuilder Project
Adding a New Project
Controlling a Project
View the Build Logs
Build Server Configuration
Configuring a Mail Server
Web Site Appearance
Global Project Settings
Global Templates
Application Log
Build Queue
Management Server Configuration
Managing Users
Adding a new Standard User
Adding a new Active Directory User
Editing Existing Users
Deleting Existing Users
Managing Roles & Permissions
Permissions Overview
Adding a new Role
Assigning Roles to Users
Managing Licenses
Advanced Topics
Understanding the Build Queue
Configuring Multiple Build Servers
Web Service API
C# Example
VB.NET Example
Triggers Reference
Trigger Types
Time Trigger
File Trigger
Run Process Trigger
Script Based Triggers
Python Example
PowerShell Example
Version Control Triggers
Accurev Trigger
Bazaar Trigger
CVS Trigger
Excluding Files from Source Control Monitoring
Git Trigger
Mercurial Trigger
Perforce Trigger
Plastic SCM Trigger
Subversion Trigger
Surround SCM Trigger
Vault Trigger
Visual SourceSafe Trigger
Visual Studio Team System Trigger
Project Trigger Log
Trigger Errors
Trigger Condition Reference
Project Waiting to be Started
If Project is Running
If Time Between
Time Since Last Run
Project's Last Run Result
Notification Application
Web Servers
Menu Layout
Product Support
Installation Issues

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